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I am Jenny and I’m in love with photography. I can tell it so simply, because important things in our lives can be described in less than five words but they are always catalytic for us. I began to work with photography when I was studying Tourism Management at Piraeus Technological School Department. Although I got a degree, I got so passionate with the lens, that I did not deal with anything else than studying this unique relationship between time and light ever after. To learn the art of capturing the moment, I studied at AKTO Photography BA Honors of Middlesex University, but I soon realized that, as Ansel Adams says, “You are not creating a photograph just by the machine. When you take photos “you carry” with you all the pictures you have seen, all the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” The photograph is you. And the ultimate communication that develops between the photographer and the viewer of photography is the one that converts photography into high art.

Among all the photography types, wedding-photography attracted me most. I am fond of romanticism. The admirable story of two people leads me into a magical world from which I do not get out unless I discover the stunning ingredients that make this relationship unique. That’s what I try to capture in my photos. Passion… Love… the long journey until they meet each other in an inconceivable explosion of emotions. I try to discover and highlight the small details indicating their character and their personal choices. Your wedding is not a reportage chance for me. It is a fabulous story worth writing in light because it is one and only and will look back to you from the past no matter how many years may pass. You only need to let me write it for you.